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Texas Pepper Jelly

Texas Pepper Jelly Apple & Brown Sugar Habanero

Texas Pepper Jelly Apple & Brown Sugar Habanero

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Texas Pepper Jelly & Brown Sugar Habanero Glaze

17-Oz Bottle

Brown sugar ribs are a popular style of ribs across the U.S. We have taken the time to package three popular rib sauce ingredients together in this one flavor of Rib Candy™. Our sauce allows you to focus on cooking and not on mixing up a brown sugar rib recipe.

Our product makes your time even more productive with the three main sweet rib ingredients in one bottle.

Apple juice – used regularly for a spritz on ribs
Brown sugar – used as a sweetening base during the wrapping process
Habanero – for those who don’t like a full-blown sweet rib. It helps balance the heat and sweet providing a rib full of flavor.
Sweet ribs don’t take long to cook (especially baby backs). For good fall-off-the-bone backyard flavor, you just need a layer of our rib seasoning and a coat of Apple N Brown Sugar Rib Candy during the finishing process. No matter what finishing process you use, wrap method, boat method, or just on the grates, our glaze is a winner.

All Rib Candy is a pourable, brushable glaze that is made with real fruits and juices. We don’t cut corners and we don’t fake the flavors.

How to use rib candy?
You can use our suggestion above, or it can be added at any time during the cooking process. It can even simply be poured over the top of your food after you’re finished cooking.


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